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Did Dayna Kathan Leave the Vanderpump Rules or Was She Fired?

Since the show’s debut on Bravo in 2013, “Vanderpump Rules” has been entertaining viewers with a tumultuous look at the lives, loves, and screaming battles of the wait crew at Lisa Vanderpump’s trendy West Hollywood restaurant, SUR. Cast members have left the show to pursue other careers, married and/or had children over the years. Although they no longer work for Vanderpump, reality TV viewers still remember them.

While many of the original cast members are still present, Season 8 featured new cast members who worked at SUR. According to Bravo, the list of young people in their twenties was expanded with Brett Caprioni, Charli Burnett, Danica Dow, Max Boyens and Dayna Kathan. All but Burnett ended up being one-season marvels, despite initially appearing to take over the main cast.

Racist tweets that resurfaced led to the firing of Caprioni and Boyens after Season 8, according to TMZ. There is uncertainty as to whether Dow herself quit, but TMZ said the actors wanted her fired for her allegedly erratic behavior. The season 9 cast did not include Kathan, a server at SUR and aspiring stand-up comic. Many fans questioned her absence from “Vanderpump Rules”. Did she resign or was she fired?

Dayna Kathan announced she was leaving Vanderpump Rules

A “Vanderpump Rules” viewer inquired in April 2021 if Dayna Kathan will be returning for Season 9, as seen on a fan’s Instagram account. “The latest episodes of the Unf*viable podcast have me reeling with anticipation! Welcome back, please! I love VPR and am very supportive of your work there. Have you heard if VPR will resume operations after all this chaos, and if so, will you be a part of it? Kathan replied, “I’m not going back, but I’m looking forward to seeing SZN again! You are great; I appreciate you; the pod will return soon!

In the comments box, Kathan added: “Thank you so much for your help! I made the best choice for myself and I’ve never been happier. Likewise, I want to thank everyone else who helped me. I adore you, and you rock. Love and light to all, and if you haven’t supported me then suck an egg lol. xo.”

Kathan told E! News: “Although it was a difficult choice for me, in the end it was the right one. I appreciate the opportunity and wish everyone on the show the best! She gave no reason for leaving, but a later social media post may have provided additional details.

Dayna Kathan prioritized her mental health

Dayna Kathan uploaded her 2020 Instagram post with images after it was revealed she was quitting ‘Vanderpump Rules’. “I’d like to offer a few photos from last year in honor of World Mental Health Day. I felt stressed, overwhelmed and suicidal during this time. Don’t judge yourself based on the highlights video in this app. These moments marked the beginning of what I initially thought was the end.” The former SUR server went on to say she was seeking help and urging others to do the same if they had problems.

Kathan’s supporters praised her for speaking out, with one writing, “I appreciate you exposing yourself. I’m so glad you’re here because you’re a queen. You contribute to improving the planet!” Another replied: “Someone’s life has just been saved because of you. Someone reading this has been given hope through you. Never feel alone. Never feel alone.”

Despite leaving “Vanderpump Rules,” Kathan remains in touch with Katie Maloney, and she shared a photo of the two hanging out in July. Fans naturally wanted to know if Kathan would return to reality television, and many expressed their desire to see her on the tenth season of “Vanderpump Rules.”

dayna kathan net worth, dayna is still on vanderpump rules, dayna devon salary

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