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Darby And The Dead Ending Explained – What Really Happens In The End?

Darby and the Dead is the kind of juvenile comedy whose conclusion is easy to predict. Despite having an intriguing premise, the Hulu movie fails due to its overuse of clichés and predictability. According to the film’s Ready Steady Cut review:

In many ways, Darby Harper is your typical high school outcast. She mocks her fellow students’ lack of sophistication and despises the popular cheerleading squad, particularly the queen bee who used to be her best friend. She takes satisfaction in not fitting in, not realizing that this makes her just as prejudiced as the clique girls at her school. However, Darby is unique in one important respect: she has the ability to communicate with the dead.

Frequent swearing aside, Riele Downs and Auli’i Cravalho manage to pull off solid performances in this movie that appears to have been filmed for the Disney Channel.

Darby and the Dead ending explained – will Capri cross over to the afterlife?

When Capri’s birthday party starts, Darby and Capri are already at odds because Capri, along with the rest of the school, mistakenly believe that Darby is dating her ex-boyfriend. James pretends he and Darby are dating when he returns to high school, perhaps only because she is the person he saw when she dropped off his papers. Capri announces her presence at the meeting by communicating with James through a Ouija board and threatening to further humiliate Darby if she doesn’t tell everyone the truth. But after revealing her talents, Darby is again labeled a freak.

When Capri arrives to offer her condolences for her inappropriate behavior, she reveals that she has found Darby’s mother, who has not actually left. Darby’s mother, longing to see her daughter happy, briefly reunites with her. Capri and Darby’s mother is allowed to go to the afterlife after feeling fulfilled by their assignments.

Darby decides to stay in the cheerleading squad and seeks friendship, but not a romantic relationship, with Capri’s ex-boyfriend James. She learns that Gary’s wife is about to die and they will soon be able to reunite. The most stunning revelation is that Darby’s crush Alex, who had his own near-death experience the previous year, also has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. The two become close and decide to continue their relationship as they have finally found someone who understands them.

At the very end of the movie, a flash forward reveals that Darby and Alex are still dating and spend their Fridays working together to help the deceased complete and pass on their tasks on Earth. Darby has discovered how to appreciate her unique talent and still maintain a social life. Her interactions with Capri have taught her to be more welcoming and less judgmental towards her peers.

The conclusion is exactly what you would expect from this kind of high school comedy. With no significant jerks or desire to deviate from its pattern, it elegantly ties everything together.

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