CSGO patch notes, gameplay and more

CSGO patch notes, gameplay and more

CS:GO Patch Notes


– Fixed some spots where weapons would drop around the world near the canal

– Fixed grenades falling through the floor onto a fountain on the site

– Fixed surface properties on models to prevent bullet penetration

– Custom grenade clips on the map

– Adjusted clipping of players all over the map

– Reduced trim in the middle

– Added collision to boards

– Several pixel holes closed

– Small optimizations


– Increased bomb radius from 500 to 650

– Flattened cubbies in the red house in the top center

– CT spawn pushed back 256 units, causing CTs ~1 sec

– Compressed blocky stuff on B site, to create longer sightlines and more room to move


– Fixed various clipping issues.

– Fixed non-solid walls at T-entrance.

– Traffic cone removed on site.

– Added bucket to sky to block line of sight.

– May contain nuts.


– Including missing nav

– Clipped exploits

CS:GO stock

The CS:GO official website had released some stashes to be used by the players in the game. Below are the CS:GO stash. Read!

Specifications Details
Recoil sheets Recoil Case skins
Broken fang cloves Yellow striped

On the loose


Needle point

Driver gloves Snow Leopard

Black tie

Rezan the Red

Queen Jaguar

Hand wraps Giraffe



Desert Shamagh

Moto gloves Smoke out

Third Commando Company

Finish line

Blood pressure

Specialized gloves Fade marble

Tiger strike

Field agent

Lieutenant Commander


CS:GO Twitter New

The game’s official i=twitter account is provided by @CSGO. The account has nearly 1.3 million followers who are all players of the game. The page has posted nearly 2,400 tweets, all related to game updates. The recent update on Twitter is the Brainlev valve. It was a general software update done on developer’s end. It was posted on Twitter to raise awareness among players.

CS:GO gameplay

One of the aspects of Counter Strike: Global Offense that contributed to its success was the gameplay. Counter Strike: Global Offense’s gameplay had players on the edge of their seats with intriguing intrigue, objectives, and arcades. The primary conflict in the target-based first-person shooter game is between the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. Both teams compete with the intention of defeating the other team while completing their own missions and objectives

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