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Copenhagen Cowboy Ending: What exactly is Rakel? Meaning explained!

A psychedelic mix of crime and the paranormal, “Copenhagen Cowboy” on Netflix is ​​the kind of story that could only come from Nicolas Winding Refn’s imagination. The mystery surrounding Miu takes center stage in the first episode, but by the end of the show it has grown considerably, opening the door for a bigger plot in the future. The story progresses at a pace that could be characterized as conventionally slow, taking time for each shot and scene. However, the last fifteen minutes are so chaotic that the viewer is left with many unanswered questions. Here we deconstruct that baffling conclusion and open the door to Miu’s potential. Spoilers follow.

Copenhagen Cowboy Plot Synopsis

A woman named Rosella buys Miu, considered a good luck charm, in an attempt to conceive. At first it seems that Miu’s abilities have been used, but Rosella later begins to believe that Miu does not bring good luck. Instead, she emanates a darkness that harms others close to her. She gives her brother, who owns an escort agency, custody of Miu.

Here Miu meets Cimona, a young woman who originally came to Denmark in search of a modeling career, but is now stuck in this existence. They agree to meet at the predetermined location after she gives Miu an escape strategy. Before Miu arrives, Cimona arrives early and takes a ride from Nicklas, who later kills her. Miu sets out on a path that results in the deaths of countless people along the way due to Cimona’s unexpected departure.

In between, we also get to know Nicklas and his family, who all seem just as enigmatic as Miu. After viewing Miu’s profile on the escort service’s website, Nicklas in particular develops a fixation on her. When they finally meet, Miu proves to be much more formidable and tough than he expected. To hold her accountable for what she did to him, he seeks someone of equal or greater influence.

Copenhagen Cowboy Ending: Who and what is Rakel?

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Miu is an interesting character for all of her strange traits, but Nicklas and his family are more enigmatic than Miu. At first glance, they seem to be just another prosperous, queer family. But certain features of them indicate their past. It is clear that they are not ordinary people. They are dangerous and have psychopathic tendencies, but their supernatural nature – which is further emphasized by Rakel’s introduction – is what makes them so dangerous.

Nicklas is forced to admit that he can’t defeat Miu alone after learning that she is more than just an ordinary person. He needs a rival who is both significantly stronger than him and brave enough to take on Miu. At this point, the ghost of his sister Rakel appears to him. She asks that he wake her up with their mother’s blood. She appears to be an immortal being, possibly a vampire, as she is awakened in a coffin with blood dripping from her mouth.

Since she is his sister, Nicklas is also a vampire or other supernatural being in a related category. The fact that Aske mentions that they have served their family for centuries means that they have lived much longer than the average human being. Nicklas differs from Rakel in that she has abilities similar to Miu’s. She is more powerful than Miu, who is still trying to figure out where she came from, as she is older and has been aware of her powers for longer.

Rakel’s energy is much more concentrated and consequently much more destructive, as shown in the scene where Miu attacks her after seeing Rakel in her head. We witness lasers firing from her eyes, putting her in the same category as Superman. It is possible that others like Miu, who once said they had an experience with aliens as a young person, are also from another world and therefore do not obey the laws of this world.

What are Miu and the girls in blue clothes?

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We’re enthralled by Miu’s abilities, but we’re also curious about who she is. She is interrogated by different characters, each giving a different interpretation of what she could be. But even though the show suggests all of these possibilities to us, it never makes it clear who she is. Certainly not directly. A ghost is alluded to in the final scene, when Miroslav tries to figure out how to survive Miu and her abilities. Even if she is already strong on her own, we later learn that she does not act alone. She is numerous and part of a cluster, but she was as unaware of it as the public.

Much of Miu’s past is still unknown, especially regarding her parentage. She inquires about it, showing that she is unsure of her parentage. She is wanted by anyone who wants to use her to get what they want because of her special abilities. As a result, she becomes even more isolated from the rest of the group and every image betrays how lonely she feels. Because of her easy attachment to those who show her even the smallest act of kindness, she is ready to do whatever it takes to help them or take revenge on them.

Rakel quickly understands who she is and all that her power can do, revealing that Rakel has been using it for much longer than Miu, as Miu strives to learn more about herself. This indicates that while they may have shared a common ancestor, there is a clear distinction between the two of them. Even with her abilities, Miu seems to be a decent person. On the other hand, Rakel is an outspoken opponent who just wants to harm Miu and others.

Rakel is the first to say that Miu is not one but many, and later we see Miu enter a forest and meet the other females wearing identical clothes. Despite the fact that they all look different and seem to have different skills, the females all share the same attitude. They maintain a consistent gait and posture. It is likely that each of these women represents a separate aspect of Miu’s character. Rakel may have been alluding to the fact that she resembles a legion when she noted that she is numerous.

Another option is that Miu belongs to this gang of girls and they are all pretty real. It is likely that this is Miu’s coven as she was often likened to a witch throughout the story. Now is the time for them all to come together as they have been waiting for her while she has been developing and exploring her powers. Though it’s unclear what they plan to do next, especially with Rakel setting her sights on Miu and bent on destroying her.

What are the giants?

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Since “Copenhagen Cowboy” is a supernatural series, it is quite possible that many such things appear in the program. Miu and Rakel’s identities can be interpreted in different ways. It’s still possible they’re either witches, vampires, or a bizarre hybrid of the two. Interestingly, the show never gets into this, leaving viewers guessing at the kind of universe Refn is building and whether it’s related to existing supernatural settings. We don’t learn anything about the origins of the “Copenhagen Cowboy” mythology until the final scene.

Miu turns out to be a ghost, and a very strong ghost, in an unexpected guest appearance by Hideo Kojima. He encourages Miroslav to ask the Giants for help as they are the only ones who can beat Miu. Miroslav doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. He actually seems more apprehensive about asking them for help than Miu and the threat she presents. The Giants are undoubtedly more powerful than Miu, despite the fact that nothing else is known about them. But what are they specifically?

The Giants and the Jötuns are analogous in Norse mythology. You’d rather lean towards this view since the story is set in Copenhagen. However, it is even more strange because Hideo, a Japanese man, tells this information to Miroslav. Again, it makes us wonder if this is just another familiar term used in the story or if these supernatural beings really take on a completely different form designed specifically for the program.

The Titans or another interpretation from another culture may be the subject. At the moment everything is conceivable. But one thing is certain. Whoever these giants are, they are strong, shrewd and undoubtedly deserve their nickname – if not in terms of physical stature, then in terms of reputation. Miroslav knows better than to mess with them, so as the story continues, Miu already has a deserving opponent.

copenhagen cowboy movie,copenhagen cowboy cast,copenhagen cowboy movie,copenhagen cowboy refn,copenhagen country name,copenhagen movie ending,ending cowboy bebop

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