Congress favors local residents for 2023 election tickets, says Kamal Nath

Congress favors local residents for 2023 election tickets, says Kamal Nath

After chairing a meeting of office bearers of the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) at Indira Gandhi Bhavan, the former Chief Minister said there is a demand for local candidates and he would agree. He said the party will give preference to candidates who are local residents, not those who come to the election alone.

“Ticket seekers must be local residents and he/she must be familiar with the people of a particular constituency and their issues. There is a need for local politics and I agree with that,” said Nath.

He also advised congressional leaders and workers seeking tickets not to fall prey to false investigative reports. Nath said he has asked congressional leaders to conduct their own investigations in their respective areas and not to believe in fake surveys. “It has come to my attention that there is a network of fake surveys operating in Madhya Pradesh and I would advise Congressmen to conduct their own investigation,” Nath added.

Nath pointed out that conducting surveys is routine for political parties, but surveys only give an indication, not a clear picture. He said that several BJP leaders are unhappy and want to join the Congress, but the big old party does not give any guarantees and has faith in those who have been working for the party for several years.

Nath added that each election is contested over different issues, and the issues would be very challenging in the upcoming Assembly elections. “This election would be challenging in many ways as we fight to protect our rich constitution. It is our responsibility to protect the future of our new generation,” he added.

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