Chandrababu Naidu condemns arbitrary arrests of TDP supporters

Chandrababu Naidu condemns arbitrary arrests of TDP supporters

In a letter to the Director General of the Police, he expressed his protest against the illegal arrest of several TDP employees.

The opposition leader stated that the police acted as complainants in false cases. He alleged that the police are misusing Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in violation of the Supreme Court’s directions.

He wrote that the police want to file Section 307 in the FIRs and then list TDP supporters in the FIR as “Others” on the list of suspects.

“On the basis of such unethical and illegal FIRs, the police in turn arrest TDP activists indiscriminately and subject them to intimidation in the name of registered cases. It seems that this kind of modus operandi is being carried out in Kuppam, Punganur, Macherla and other parts of the state,” he said.

The TDP chief said this was done despite guidance from the Supreme Court regarding the essential ingredients required to file an FIR for attempted murder under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code. “The intent must be established along with the nature of the weapon used, the nature of the injury and the body part chosen for assault. Ridiculously, the police act themselves after an arbitrary lathi charge against the TDP supporters as the complainants for registering FIRs under Section 307,” the letter reads.

He also claimed that the police resorted to arresting the victims in mufti without wearing police uniform or name tags, causing panic among their relatives.

“According to the directions of the Supreme Court, while influencing the arrests, the police had to be in the proper police uniform and inform the relatives or the local chiefs in that area and give written details of why they were arrested, etc. Surprisingly enough “Such announcements are not made to the relatives of the victims, which makes them worry about the safety of their loved ones,” Naidu said.

He cited arrests of TDP supporters in his Kuppam constituency. The same tendency has been observed in other parts of the state. In Kandukuru, TDP leaders were arrested on January 5 without giving information to their relatives, while in Punganuru and Macherla Assembly segments, police are also making indiscriminate illegal arrests.

“Such cowardly actions by the police are nothing but vulgar abuses of power that do not bode well for democracy, as the police essentially seek to criminalize political activists,” he wrote.

Naidu demanded that the police end the abuse of power and immediately release those illegally arrested across the state in general and in Kuppam, Punganur and Macherla Assembly segments in particular.

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