Air India 'pee gate': 'Unpacking was not for sexual desire', suspect tells court

Air India ‘pee gate’: ‘Unpacking was not for sexual desire’, suspect tells court

“He couldn’t control his drinks, but the unzipping was not for sexual desire. The prosecution’s case does not place him as a lecherous man,” counsel representing Mishra, Manu Sharma, told the court.

He argued that Mishra’s actions, while obscene, were not intended to sexually harass the victim.

The Metropolitan Magistrate of Patiala House courts, Komal Garg, who had previously reserved the verdict, denied Mishra’s bail application on Wednesday, saying the alleged act of the accused to exonerate himself to the complainant was “utterly disgusting and abhorrent” and the act itself is enough to outrage a woman’s modesty.

Since Mishra had not participated in the investigation, even after being served with a notice under section 41A of the CrPC, his conduct “does not inspire any confidence,” the court noted.

The accused’s counsel argued that Mishra made no attempt to walk away from Air India’s investigative process while questioning the necessity of issuing a bail order in the case.

On January 7, the court had taken Mishra into custody for 14 days.

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