90 Day Fiancé: Is Danielle Still With Robert?

90 Day Fiancé: Is Danielle Still With Robert?

There are many “90 Day Fiancé” couples, and the spin-off series “90 Day: The Single Life” has added more partners to the already complex relationship dynamics in the “90 Day” franchise. American Danielle Jbali, whose marriage to ex-husband Mohamed Jbali from Tunisia ended in front of the cameras in the past, is a cast member of ‘The Single Life’.

Years after divorcing Mohamed, Danielle was seen again by TLC’s cameras pursuing a hookup with a man named Robert, according to ET. Danielle hoped to find love again. Fans worried that the show’s production crew was damaging their relationship, according to a Screen Rant article from the time.

Despite these reservations from the show’s viewers, Danielle told Us Weekly that Robert was okay with her broaching the subject of her relationship with Mohamed with him — something she’d never done with a romantic partner before.

Danielle Jbali and Robert have split up

By the end of Season 1 of ’90 Day: The Single Life’, Robert and Danielle Jbali’s new love interest had broken up. According to Us Weekly, Jbali revealed that the two broke up during the season’s tell-all. Robert reportedly appeared on the tell-all via video, then gave Jbali additional justifications for why he couldn’t date her.

Robert had previously offered her other justifications, as Jbali noted in the episode, adding, “He is constantly coming up with new justifications. His car was stolen first, followed by the holidays and my start of school. His health is now causing problems. I’ve tried to believe he’s telling the truth, but I’m just not sure.”

In addition, Robert has not been mentioned in any of Jbali’s Instagram posts since the tell-all, according to In Touch Weekly, raising the possibility that the two have ended their romance.

Danielle Jbali and Mohamed Jbali are friends again

Danielle Jbali has rekindled her friendship with her ex-husband Mohamed Jbali, despite it being unclear on her Instagram account whether she has been in a romantic relationship since splitting with Robert after season 1 of ’90 Day: The Single Life. With the caption “We’ve been through so much and remain friends after all – just proves anything is possible,” Danielle posted a photo of herself and Mohamed together.

While sharing the screen, the former couple struggled to get along and regularly got into angry confrontations. According to People, Danielle was once seen telling Mohamed during a public argument that she was going to have him deported from the United States for an extramarital affair.

While it is not known whether Mohamed has sought new personal relationships, Screen Rant claims followers viewed and shared screenshots of his profile on a Muslim dating app.

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