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10 Top Rated Hulu Original Movies You Must Watch

In the fiercely competitive streaming market, consistency is always necessary to stay on top, and Hulu has been able to do this with its original content. In 2022 alone, the platform released 17 new original movies, far more than major studios.

In total, Hulu offers more than 30 exclusive movies. The public has had its own opinion, even though most of them have received positive reviews from critics. The best place to see the fan consensus is on IMDb, which typically gives an overall rating based on all reviews. Potential viewers can now learn which Hulu Original movies are the best.

There are references to drugs and graphic language in the Big Time Adolescence trailer.

Big Time Adolescence shows the effects of bad influence

IMDb Rating – 6.9

In a perfect world, mentorship would involve like-minded individuals, but in Big Time Adolescence, a brilliant youngster finds himself turning to his sister’s unmotivated ex-boyfriend for help. As predicted, the boy’s new friendship has a negative impact on his academic performance.

While the coming-of-age film shows the negative consequences of bad influence, Pete Davidson makes a strong case for himself as an actor who deserves to be taken seriously. Big Time Adolescence meticulously explores some serious topics, such as drug addiction, drunkenness and the legal system, despite the fact that the main character is quite the prankster.

Boss Level sees Frank Grillo at his best

IMDb Rating – 6.8

In recent years, Frank Grillo has become one of Hollywood’s busiest actors. The sci-fi film Boss Level is one of nine films in which he appeared in 2021. He plays a retired special ops soldier trying to escape from a temporal loop that always results in his death.

Boss Level has an intriguing idea, which is why some consider it Grillo’s best work. Enough action sequences are interspersed throughout the 100-minute runtime to ensure that the actor’s skills are fully utilized. In addition, these scenes showcase the talents of the supporting actors, including Mel Gibson and Michelle Yeoh. The many outcomes of the loop give viewers the impression that they are watching a number of short films.

Fire Island is a heartwarming LGBTQ romcom

IMDb Rating – 6.7

Hollywood still produces very few LGBTQ+ rom-coms, but luckily Hulu is trying to fill the void. The plot of Fire Island revolves around a group of friends on vacation and is loosely based on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, published in 1813. The island they go to is known for being open to LGBTQ+ people .

In addition to capturing the love and humor found in same-sex relationships, Fire Island also deftly tackles racism and classism. The cinematography is excellent, especially considering the island setting. The protagonists, who are all actual members of the LGBTQ+ community, deliver excellent performances.

New Highlights The insecurities of modern dating

IMDb Rating – 6.7

Sebastian Stan’s performance as The Winter Soldier, one of the MCU’s most talented fighters, defined his career. He shows he can be a really dangerous villain in Hulu’s Fresh. Stan plays a serial killer who kills his dates and sells their flesh to wealthy patrons in a movie that explores the bad side of courtship.

Fresh is a two-hour lament about how terrible dating has become in the modern age, in addition to the simply terrifying audience. After meeting only rude men on dating websites, the woman kidnapped by Stan decides to physically look for dates, only to meet a killer. The idea that modern dating is hopeless is what the public is getting.

Good luck, Leo Grande handles sex gracefully

IMDb Rating – 7.2

A topic that is rarely discussed is loneliness after the death of a partner. Fortunately, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande does it in a fun way. The story is about a widow who employs an escort to help her have a sexual encounter.

Best for you, because Leo Grande is more than just a sex and infatuation story, it has a lot to offer the audience. In addition, age differences in relationships, unfulfilled sexual desires, body positivity, cyberstalking, professional decisions and parental challenges are discussed. Even better is the joyous conclusion, which leaves the widow and escort both quite happy with their lives.

Palm Springs combines love and science

IMDb Rating – 7.4

The idea of ​​a time loop is increasingly becoming Hulu’s idea, and Palm Springs eagerly follows suit. After repeatedly reliving the same day, two wedding guests fall in love in the movie starring JK Simmons, Andy Samberg, and Cristin Milioti.

The performances are strong considering the talented cast. There’s a sense of anticipation as viewers wonder if the two visitors will ever escape the loop and if that will jeopardize their growing bond. Overall, Palm Springs is a visual feast with beautiful scenery all around.

Plan B is a happy take on reproductive health

IMDb Rating – 6.7

Plan B presents a welcome surprise by making emergency contraception the main subject of the typical movies of the hurry-against-the-time genre about espionage or crime. The actions take place after a regretful amorous encounter between two buddies.

The main characters seem to be having so much fun on their hunt that it’s almost impossible to remember their troubles, despite the obvious fear. To ensure onlookers have an informative watch, many instructional suggestions related to peer pressure, teen love, and female reproductive health are introduced throughout the progression of the procedure.

Prey is a solid addition to a strong franchise

IMDb Rating – 7.2

One of the longest-running movie series, Predator keeps audiences interested in the fifth chapter by setting the action in 1719. In Prey, Comanche warriors must face a ruthless invader determined to kill every living creature.

Prey doesn’t let fans down, despite the fact that they often think that sequels are inferior to their predecessors. Even when traditional weapons are used instead of guns and explosives, the action sequences are still as good as ever. As the Comanche warrior, Amber Midthunder excels.

Run exposes the horrors of parenthood

IMDb Rating – 6.7

Horror movie fans will immediately notice that Run’s mother-daughter antagonism is reminiscent of that in Carrie. Here things take an even darker turn when a mother deliberately gives her daughter the wrong prescription so she will be sick for the rest of her life.

Run is a psychological thriller that is sure to infuriate any viewer with its depiction of deceit and brutality. As the daughter conducts her own secret investigations and tries to escape her mother’s control, the suspense keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Valet is a hilarious story about a Hollywood scandal

IMDb Rating – 6.7

What would normally be a juicy tabloid story is transformed into a compelling film in The Valet. As an actress is photographed with her married boyfriend trying to claim that a valet, who was also in the photo, is the person she actually dated, events get caught up in chaos.

Thanks to the endearing main characters, whose life is constantly hectic and hilarious, The Valet is one of the remakes that is superior to the original. It’s not usually the case with genre items, but the jokes here are funny and clever. Moreover, instead of being forced, the discussion of multiculturalism and capitalism comes across as natural.

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