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10 Must Watch Documentaries on Hulu in 2023

The importance of the documentary film genre can be attributed to its exploration of many truths in real-life conditions. Some movies can reveal more about what really happened to a historical character or event by basing the story on it. Other films may focus on an important issue with a thrilling or dangerous circumstance that shows their way of life or bravery.

Because they use interviews, archival footage, current footage, still images, and animated film sequences to reconstruct the story they tell, documentaries give viewers a completely different experience. While many documentaries have been released over the years, Hulu’s platform is home to some of the best. Each documentary covers a variety of compelling personal stories, historical issues that have shaped American history and culture, and other important topics. Each of these documentaries highlights the emotions of the subjects from a particular point of view. What makes all this work is the filmmakers who are able to create a comfortable environment for their subjects to get the most honest and compelling version of the story out of them.

These documentaries, which include such prominent individuals as Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Martin Luther King Jr., have been purchased by Hulu. Historical accuracy is used to examine their stories, which are also considered a monument to their legacy. The other documentaries on this list focus on key individual moments of people with great stories. These documentaries looked at the bonds that bind us as friends, our passions and our global future.

Some documentaries just have an interesting subject, such as The Queen of Versailles, whose basic concept is the construction of an estate during a recession. It examines an issue that has affected many people, despite using a privileged point of view to do so. The documentary films work differently because they are viewed not only through one lens, but also through different circumstances. Both Minding the Gap and Three Identical Strangers deal with some difficult topics through familial characteristics. You can choose your friends who become family, but you can’t really choose your families. It’s fascinating to see the shift in point of view in both videos, which benefits those who want to develop personally and surround themselves with supportive others.

Some moviegoers only watch documentaries because they are objective and present the truth. Yes, there is an angle, but there are also other intertwined true stories that can lead to discussion. The other advantage of documentaries is that viewers can relate to them, even if they focus on difficult topics and want to talk about them. Or even better, promote the documentary by spreading awareness. Each of these documentaries has many moving scenes because you can really feel what the subjects are going through. Because the filmmakers stay with them for so long and are so open with them, you can understand them better. No stories or sentences are inserted for dramatic effect. Everything is designed exactly as it is to draw attention to something crucial.

The 10 best documentaries on Hulu

Blackfish (2013)

Three people have died at the hands of the captive killer whale Tilikum. His story is told in this passionate documentary to expose the negative effects of orca captivity and highlight how little is known about these highly intelligent species.

The documentaries on this list have been critically acclaimed and often cited as top picks. They all cover different facets of people’s lives throughout history and are educational in their own right. The subject matter of each documentary on this list makes it challenging to watch. Some people may find them challenging due to the dysfunctional state of the US system, or some, like Free Solo, may find them anxious. Regardless of how you look at these documentaries, the topics they focus on make them all important. These stories can’t be told in a typical live-action biopic, because those movies are always a bit dramatized. Documentaries are always the way to go if you’re looking for something unfiltered and realistic. They are very unique and have traditionally been the most organic form of storytelling.

Free Solo (2018)

In Free Solo, El Capitan’s famous 900-foot vertical rock face is the subject of professional rock climber Alex Honnold’s attempt to complete the first free solo ascent.

I am Greta (2020)

Greta Thunberg started her climate strike at the age of 15. To show lawmakers that if she doesn’t care about her future, why should she? she played truant from school and sat outside parliament. a movie about taking action before it’s too late to stop climate change.

I’m Not Your Negro (2016)

James Baldwin’s unfinished work “Remember This House” describes the history of races in contemporary America. Director Raoul Peck looks at his unfinished book about the lives of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers.

Mind the Gap (2018)

To escape their turbulent family life in their hometown of Rust Belt, three young boys come together by skateboarding. Some shocking revelations jeopardize their ten-year friendship as they deal with adult responsibilities.

MLK/FBI (2020)

Sam Pollard’s powerful MLK/FBI documentary analyzes the US government’s surveillance and intimidation of Martin Luther King, Jr. It is based on recently disclosed documents.

RBG (2018)

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a U.S. Supreme Court justice, is the subject of the documentary RBG. She has lived an extraordinary life and career, left a stunning legal legacy, and unexpectedly emerged as a pop culture figure.

Summer of the Soul (2021)

Thousands of people attend the Harlem Cultural Festival over the course of six weeks in the summer of 1969 to celebrate black history, culture, music and fashion.

The Queen of Versailles (2012)

While building a 90,000-square-foot home at The Queen of Versailles, Florida millionaires David and Jackie Siegel are threatened by the global economic crisis of 2008.

Three Identical Aliens (2018)

Identical triplets are split up at birth and adopted by three different families. Years later, their incredible reunion creates a worldwide sensation, but also reveals a shocking secret with far-reaching consequences.

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